Your one-page 8½ x 11″ camera ready ads (flyers, circulars, adsheets) posted here for a lifetime*.    Ads Do Not Expire!

Your first time rate is $10 Cash + 4 First Class Stamps for a single side circular.

Then, you pay only $5 + 2 Stamps for each and every circular you send afterward.

With your first purchase, you receive a camera ready master copy of our sales circular that allows you to sell this offer to others and keep half ($5 + 2 F/C/S).

Get started today by sending your first full page circular and payment of $10 Cash Only + 4 First Class Stamps.  (Orders without stamps will not receive discount or dealership).  Due to the nature of this offer (we post ads as they come in + our low overhead that allows for the low prices) we do not accept ANY payment except cash and stamps.

Send your order today to:

Baker -A

PO Box 196

Pittsburg KY 40755-0196

Publisher reserves the right to reject any ad for placement on this website.  *Ads remain posted permanently for the life of the website.  Advertisers:  Please ask publisher to remove any ads that are discontinued or no longer applicable.  Copyright Mico Publications.